March 2018 Minutes

Present (12): K1TA, WB2JVB, AI1V, KC1AUH, KC1FB, N1ZD, KC1ISA, KA1WBN, KC1ISC,

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by K1TA. February meeting minutes approved.

Department Reports
Finance : We have money, we want more. Seriously, we are in solid financial shape.

Technical : Status quo. All repeaters operational. Had some interesting problems with the
D-Star and DMR repeater computers because of repeated power outages during the recent
storms. The facility at the hospital is on their generators, but not UPS. Some members may be
donating UPSs for those computers. The team is currently repairing backup power supplies.

Education : General class on hold due to Comm Center building repairs. Read More →

February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present (26): K1TA, W1PPL, KC1FB, AI1V, K1NGK, KB1YOZ, K1RF, N1ZD, W1FSM, N1CT,

Meeting called to order by K1TA at 7:30pm. January meeting minutes accepted.

Department Reports
Finance : Bank account is good. Slightly under last year due to purchases of transceivers and
repairs to beam.
Technical : All repeaters operational. No changes. Some work being done 775 analog.
Education : More than adequate interest in General Class license class. Working on scheduling
for early April. Will be 9 weeks.
Special Events : Soldering class fully booked.

Note that we generally meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings at the Silver Star Diner on Rt. 1
at 8am before opening the Comm Center at 9am.

Looking for someone to be the Field Day captain.

Membership : Currently 87 members. About 70 paid members – the rest are lifetime members
and graduates of our recent Technician class who were given one year free membership.

Dues are now due for 2018. Payable by check or thru Paypal on our website.
The club provides three months grace on dues.
Call for a Program Coordinator to determine the interests of the membership and arrange for
programs on those subjects.
Congratulations to Paul N1II on being awarded the ARRL’s 2017 Bill Orr, W6SAI, Technical
Writing Award for his article, “The ABCs of a Digital Multimeter,” which appeared in the October
2017 edition of QST (p 37).
Meeting Adjourned 8:10pm
Submitted by Jon AI1V

February Meeting – Thursday 2/15!!!

Due to Valentine’s day being on a Wednesday, the GNARC monthly meeting will be on THURSDAY 2/15.  Take the XYL or OM out on Wednesday!

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present (25): K1TA, WB2JVB, W1PPL, KC1FB, AI1V, K1NGK, Derek Hurse, K1WYQ,

Meeting called to order by K1TA at 7:30pm
Department Reports
Finance : Bank account normal for this time of year after paying for summer picnic, field day, holiday party but before membership renewals.
Technical : All repeaters operational. No changes.
Education : General Class license class planned for early spring. Have 3 students already, will be sending out mailings to recruit more students.
Last Tech class graduated 15, including a 9 yr old and a 15 yr old. Fairfield holding Tech class in Feb/Mar, we will probably hold one in Sept/Oct.
Special Events : Thanks to Toy for putting together the holiday party. Bloomin Metric (public service radio support) scheduled for May 20. We expect to provide support to Norwalk Seaport Association/Sherwood Island over summer.
Nominating Committee
Nominated following for officer positions
● Tom K1TA for President
● Paul WB2JVB for Vice President
● Paul W1PPL for Treasurer
● Jon AI1V for Secretary
No floor nominations. No opposition. Slate was elected.

Thanks to Jim KC1FB for his years of service as Treasurer. Jim appointed as Assistant Treasurer to help transition Paul W1PPL into the role.
Dues are now due for 2018. Payable by check or thru Paypal on our website.
The club provides three months grace on dues.

Call for suggestions for meeting programs.
● Mike (Westport astronomy club) on his Puerto Rico deployment experience.
● Larry Reid on solar eclipse and ballooning efforts
● Jon P/Paul L on public service (events, CERT, ARES, MARS)
Requests for additional ideas will be sent through the reflector and by other means.
Meeting Adjourned 8pm
Submitted by Jon AI1V

Comm Center Clean Up!

Today, GNARC members did an end of year clean up at the comm center. As guests of the Norwalk Fire Department, it is important that we show our respect for the space! It looks great now.   Members AI1V, AC1DQ, KC1IRU, KC1ISC, WB2JVB and W1FSM participated.  Thank you.


Repeater Changes

Effective immediately, several changes have been implemented in the Norwalk area analog repeaters.

W1NLK  146.475 is now a SINGLE SITE, with a PL of 100. If were using “West”, you must now return to “East”.

W1FSM 146.775 PL 100 is back on the air. It had been moved from its home in New Canaan to a temporary site at Norwalk Hospital. The Waveny mansion in NC is undergoing a multi-year renovation and the repeater was removed several months ago.

The hospital site did not prove useful, with excessive noise/coverage problems. Therefore it was agreed to move W1FSM to the “West” site previously used by W1NLK.

Many thanks to Curt W1FSM for spearheading the effort, with much assistance from Dee N1ZD, Michael N1PLH and Charles N1LLL.

Please give 146.775 some use, the coverage seems excellent.


September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:32 pm.

Number of members in attendance: 19.

Motion to adopt July minutes: made by Jim KC1FB, seconded by Dee N1ZD.

Old Business: We got some QSL cards in the past couple of months, but no DX!

Bylaws committee voted on new bylaws and bylaw edits. New bylaws were accepted into the club literature at 7:42 pm.

Events: Nothing planned.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer, Jim, KC1FB: Last month, we broke even. We made $400 selling goods at Boxboro, but spent about $400 on replacing tents, other small club expenses.

There hasn’t been a Board of Directors meeting in the past few months, nothing to really discuss.

Technical Committee, Curt, W1FSM: There is more work to do on the radio room, but repeaters are doing as well as can be expected. At the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend event, Curt got tired of running generator power, so he decided to set the Sheffield Island lighthouse up to run solar. We’re looking for some corporate sponsorship to donate solar batteries to Sheffield Island; batteries are typically $500 to $600 a piece, and there’s eight of them. Know someone who knows someone? Get in touch with Curt.

During Curt’s committee presentation, possible expanded coverage for the GNARC repeater was discussed. This would obviously take some time and doing, but the immediate reaction from the present members was very positive. Contact Curt for more information about this if you’re on board. Also, we acquired AM transmitters that were originally used for “talking homes” – these might be good for a show and tell at events to explain general coverage, and we can work on them as a club project over the winter.

Education committee, Paul, WB2JVB: We’re going to plan a few new ham classes, anyone want to help teach? Get in touch with Paul if you want to teach a few lessons!

Special Events: We participated in the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend event, five club members went down to Sheffield Lighthouse, made a few contacts, and had lots of fun.

Meeting adjourned at 7:54.