Portable Ops at Ambler Farm

Today a bunch of GNARC members showed up to operate portable at Ambler Farm in Wilton CT.  The excuse to operate was that today is “Fall Out” day, started by the 100 Watts and a Wire Group.

We had two antennas, a G5RV about 35 feet up and an end-fed wire about 30 feet up at one end. Rigs were Icom IC-706 and IC-718.

KC1YL and WB2JVB got the antennas up during the week.  Thanks to the following hams who showed up today and helped, or just shot the breeze:  K1TA, N1PLH, KC1GFO, AB1QK, N1ALF, KB1YLQ, KC1EAA, KC1YL and WB2JVB.

Contacts were made on 20m SSB and 40m SSB and CW. We even had a rare DX contact into the next county in NY, our previous president NE2Q! A few DX contacts in Europe and many US contacts. Lots of donuts and coffee were consumed.

A group of kids who apprentice at the farm heard our presentation on ham radio, and a couple were definitely interested.  We also had a fox transmitter setup a couple of miles away and played with the tape measure antenna to try and point at it.

An excellent time had by all!

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