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Tower going up at GNARC comm center

The tower is being installed at the new communications center. Tower sections 1 and 2 are installed. The first section is through bolted to a steel I-beam in the building in four places. We will be looking for some volunteers to help with installation of the third (and final for now) section and the beam.

GNARC providing FD with video from Oyster Festival

As part of a demonstration project, to show the technical capabilities of the GNARC members, several hams have worked to setup a video link from the 2014 Norwalk Oyster Festival back to emergency managers at Fire HQ.  This will allow real time viewing of the amusement ride area of the park. In the future GNARC will be able to deploy this technology rapidly to assist emergency managers in getting “eyes on” views during critical events.

The radio link originates at a light pole in Vets park (very near our field day site). It is then received at the top of the hospital and relayed to fire HQ. This is done with an IP camera over the normal 5.x Gig wifi standard using high gain dishes.

Some photos are attached.

Live view of the area shown on a PC at Fire HQ

Live view of the area shown on a PC at Fire HQ

This is one of the dishes relaying the signal from the bullet IP camera

This is one of the dishes relaying the signal from the bullet IP camera

View from the ground of the setup.

View from the ground of the setup.

It is at a good height to be able to "see" the hospital.

It is at a good height to be able to “see” the hospital.

Gnarc attends 2014 Antique Wireless Convention

The GNARC “stuff for sale” team had a good trip to the 2014 Antique Wireless Association World Convention in Rochester, NY.  The group consisted of Sam, Rachel, Steve, Roberta, Tim, Jim, and Don.

The convention program presented a wonderful range of events starting with a personally escorted tour of the AWA Museum Complex on Tuesday and ending with the “paper collectibles”, vacuum tube, and equipment auction on Saturday.

Outstanding progress has been made at the museum, featuring thoughtfully assembled equipment exhibits in beautifully appointed surroundings.  The various presentations in the next few days covered an appropriate variety of amateur and antique radio interests.  The Thursday/Friday flea market gave the seven person “sales crew” a good opportunity to market our goodies.  The equipment contest was supported with many entries; Sam and Don won ribbons with their exhibits.  On Friday, there was a fine dinner and a very interesting talk about Voice of America.

After a well-run auction with a large crowd in attendance,  the team had an uneventful trip home.

Click here for the photos!

Removing Tower from old club site

This past week, N1LLL, N1ZD, W1FSM, WB2JVB and AA1XV were began removing the Rohn 55 tower and beam from the old Red Cross building.  The rest of the tower came down over the weekend with additional help from K1WYQ and W1ZP, and it has been moved to the communications center.

GNARC Open House

GNARC members were invited to see the new communications center and have pizza. Volunteers were organized for upcoming cleaning, painting, radio room build out and tower construction! Lots of work to do, but the end result will be a great club space. Some photos are attached.

Open House – GNARC’s New Comm Center – 8/6 – 7PM

As I’m sure everyone has heard we’ve managed to get an official GNARC communications center, and I’m sure everyone is excited to see it. We’re going to have an open house on Wednesday, August 6th.

It’s going to be paid members only, so if you want to check the place out and haven’t paid dues now would be a good time to renew or join. Doors will open at 7, and pizza will be waiting for you. PLEASE RSVP to this email if you plan on coming.

Address is 100 Fairfield Ave, Norwalk. Almost directly across I-95 from Fire HQ. Caution some bridges are under construction. Use Cedar or Stuart to cross over. Map here

Sam NV1P

Picnic – Directions and Update

The map is accurate in the post below. Just MapQuest or Google 173 Old Boston Rd in Wilton, CT.  If you need further info please email me (WB2JVB “at”

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