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PL259 Soldering class!

See our Facebook page for some photos of the PL259 soldering class!


Field Day Equipment update

Wednesday,  a number of GNARC members met to review the contents of the trailer and sort out some field day equipment. Here are the results:

  • All the coax was tested and passed. There are a couple of cables that need new PL-259’s. Curt has volunteered to do one at the comm center as a class, and let others practice as well. Please let me know directly if you’d like to do this. It will likely be a Wednesday night.
  • There are also some coax rolls at the comm center that need connectors and testing.
  • The tents were in bad shape due to wind damage last year. We have three fully operational tents, with side panels, and they are now all marked so we know what goes with what.  The club board is researching getting a few more tents. PLEASE if you have an  8×8 or 10×10 pop up tent you will loan the club for field day, let me now ASAP.  I will loan my 8×8, which is good for the VHF station. 10×10 is better for the contest stations.
  • We have 4 six foot plastic tables and 2 eight foot heavy wooden tables.  We are looking into more plastic tables. Again if you have one to loan, please advise. We usually need two 8’ tables for the kitchen area.
  • All the power cables and ropes are there.
  • The 40m beam is there, as well as the 80m antenna stub.
  • We have not found the “tee” connectors for use with the stub. They may be at the comm center.
  • The club now has a gas grill.
  • Trailer is in good shape, tires were aired up, and it is ready to go.

Thanks to W1PPL, N1ZD, KC1AUH, AI1V, W1FSM and W1GIG for helping out today.

Things are looking up! Lets hope for nice weather and good prop!



April 2018 Meeting Minutes


Because of guests present, we had the presentation first and then called the meeting to order at 8:20.

Finance : Bank account is in very good shape.

Technical : Failure of the primary 2 meter and 70cm DMR repeaters today sometime around 5pm. Curt W1FSM and Mike N1PLH investigated, found it was the power supply running the controllers. They swapped in a different power supply and both repeaters are back on the air. Other than that, nothing significant to report from the Technical Department

Membership : Currently 110 members. About 85 paid members – the rest are lifetime members, graduates of our recent Technician class who were given one year free membership, and newly licensed hams from our VE sessions (also given one year free membership).

Education : The City of Norwalk has asked us to hold off on the general class until it can repair the plumbing problems in the building. An expected repair date has NOT been provided. We did not have any candidates at the April VE session.

Special Events : Prepare for a major snow event on April 25 because Joe KC1AUH is once again going to attempt to run the soldering class (both attempts last month were cancelled by major snow events). Either that or we will have a tornado on April 25. Or both. Read More →

February Meeting – Thursday 2/15!!!

Due to Valentine’s day being on a Wednesday, the GNARC monthly meeting will be on THURSDAY 2/15.  Take the XYL or OM out on Wednesday!

Comm Center Clean Up!

Today, GNARC members did an end of year clean up at the comm center. As guests of the Norwalk Fire Department, it is important that we show our respect for the space! It looks great now.   Members AI1V, AC1DQ, KC1IRU, KC1ISC, WB2JVB and W1FSM participated.  Thank you.


Repeater Changes

Effective immediately, several changes have been implemented in the Norwalk area analog repeaters.

W1NLK  146.475 is now a SINGLE SITE, with a PL of 100. If were using “West”, you must now return to “East”.

W1FSM 146.775 PL 100 is back on the air. It had been moved from its home in New Canaan to a temporary site at Norwalk Hospital. The Waveny mansion in NC is undergoing a multi-year renovation and the repeater was removed several months ago.

The hospital site did not prove useful, with excessive noise/coverage problems. Therefore it was agreed to move W1FSM to the “West” site previously used by W1NLK.

Many thanks to Curt W1FSM for spearheading the effort, with much assistance from Dee N1ZD, Michael N1PLH and Charles N1LLL.

Please give 146.775 some use, the coverage seems excellent.


Technician Class – Starting October 18th!

A technician amateur radio license class will again be offered at the comm center. The class is being taught by Jon, AI1V and Paul WB2JVB.

The details are in the attached PDF.