October 2021 Monthly Meeting

Monthly Members Meeting

October 13, 2021 – Meeting Minutes

AttendingOfficer members –Jon Perelstein AI1V, President; Paul LaVorgna W1PPL, Treasurer; Peter Healy KC1GBZ, Vice President; Tom Gunther W1TEG, Secretary.  Other members in attendance included: Dee-N1ZD, Jonathan AB1HI, Steve Dick, Toy K1WYQ, Hugo AA1XV, Steve N1CM, Ray WB1U, Steve KC1MDK, Paul W1ip, Bill KB1IFY, David N1DPD, Rick K1OF, Don, Tom KB1FBX

Minutes:  Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM by President Jon AI1V;

Order of Business

  • Holiday Party — Jonupdated the members on the Board’s decision to hold our Holiday Party on Wed 12/8th at the Silver Star Diner in Norwalk (just off Exit 14 of Rt 95) at 7 PM.  The club will provide appetizers, desert and the venue.  Three selected entree’s will be available for quicker service and members can also order off the menu.  Est price per entre is $25 (paid at the diner), a ~30% savings from the pricier location we used in the past (at $35 each).  Raffle prizes will also be provided by the Club.  Jon will send an email to all members requesting a response concerning who will attend.  All members are encouraged to respond to this survey.  Guests are welcome to join you.
  • Dues – The Board has decided to call a “Dues Holiday” for 2022.  Members will not be asked to pay dues for the coming year as a way of saying thank you for your patience during the pandemic. 
  • Future Meeting Presentations – Next month TBD
  • Events – Tom KB1FBX is involved with a Boy Scouts event promoting Ham radio, this weekend Oct 16.  If available, please reach out to him.
  • Treasurer’s Report –– $15,291 remains in our accounts with little or no spend occurring.  Checking is $2226 and Savings is $13,025.  The club finances remain strong.  The Treasurer has filed the appropriate tax forms, paid our insurance, and handled the CT state non-profit fee and trailer registration costs.
  • Education/Testing – We have a VE session on Sat Oct 23 at 1pm at The Readiness Collective.  VE’s needed. 
  • Presentation:  Member Paul W1ip provided a most informative and exciting presentation on Parks on the Air.  He described the process, the tools to get on the air, how many parks are in the data base, the reporting & awards available as well as the success of several Club members with POTA at a recent outing to Sherwood State Park.  Some key words noted in his presentation:
    • Bioenno batteries; Wolf River Coil antenna; G-90 transceiver; picnic tables in the park; Spotting and getting noticed via Parks on the Air | POTA ;  JS8CALL to spot yourself; be a hunter or an activator; ADFI file formats for submitting logs to k1@parksontheair.com  Paul logs contacts to N3FJP Log.
    • We are hoping Paul W1ip can post the preso to our web site.
  • New Business:  None presented

Next meeting will be Nov 10th. 

Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM

W1TEG, Secretary.

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